Meet your FET-a-tar

Flagging for all. Own your fetish by creating a fetish avatar with your fetish vector (hanky code colorS and directional arrow) indicating your preferred role in the fetish.

The ‘your picture here’ image shows the Gear Fetish Vector colors of OLIVE 2 orange. At the top the fetish description: Gear switch.
The switch is represented by the Direction of the arrow, pointed RIGHT means Versatile leaning toward Gear Worship. If the arrow pointed UP it would be Gear Wearer (active), pointed DOWN would be gear worship (passive).

At the bottom of the FETatar the fetish code of OL 2 or ( UPPER CASE OUTER color, and lower case inner color. The code abbreviation makes it easy to describe interests in text, as a short hand.

Share your FETatar on social media, dating apps anywhere you want to flag your fetish!

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